Accident Check

Dealerships asked us to help them reduce costs. We listened.

Reduce your monthly spend by only running vehicle history reports on the vehicles that need it, not the ones that don’t. Only 30% of vehicles have accident history. Why buy costly history reports for 100% of your vehicles?

Car dealer website with option to check cars for accident history
Body shop repainting damaged vehicle

AutoVerify Accident Check Helps You:

01Slash Costs

You spend a small fortune on history reports every month. Accident Check lets you stay transparent while avoiding the expense of running reports on clean vehicles. Run your VINs through our system to discover which vehicles have accident history.

02Meet Disclosure Requirements

You need to disclose accident history to your buyers. 100%. Run your inventory through our Accident Check tool, find out which vehicles have accident history, and purchase history reports on them.

03Save Time

Simply upload a list of VINs and you’ll receive a yes/no on whether the vehicle has accident history. Pull out the clean VINs, and only purchase history reports for the ones with damage. It’s a no-brainer.

Report showing if vehicles have accident history

It's true — there's more to a history report than accident data. But...

  • Recall status is available free online
  • Odometer rollbacks can be detected by your service department
  • Do buyers really care about registration history?

*Why are you paying for information that's available for free?

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