Quality credit leads. Realistic expectations. Free credit profile.

People want to know what kind of payments to expect, and where to get financing based on their credit profile. AutoVerify Credit tells them just that, while gaining you valuable leads and eliminating wasted sales time.

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Online credit application on Palladino Honda, Regina website

AutoVerify Trade-in generates the highest number of leads, and 11% convert to sales

Laptop with credit application for consumers

AutoVerify Credit Helps You:

01Simplify the Process

AutoVerify Credit provides a free TransUnion credit profile, doesn’t affect credit ratings, calculates monthly payments and lets people apply online easily — without any long, complicated forms.

02Get Valuable Qualified Leads

Dealers love AutoVerify Credit because it delivers high-converting, qualified leads. On average, 30% of Credit leads convert to sales.

03Optimize for Mobile

Easily integrated with your website, Credit is optimized for mobile so it delivers consumers the information they’re looking for, in whichever format they want it.

04Save Time

Credit helps you qualify leads and eliminate wasted staff time by setting up test drives on the vehicles the customer can afford, not the ones they can't.

Report with free credit application and credit profile for consumers

Easy to manage. Clean, simple, fast.

  • No complicated forms to complete
  • User-friendly, non-intimidating experience
  • Applications sent directly to Dealertrack
  • Free TransUnion credit profile
  • After providing credit range, customers are guided toward a finance application

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