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Customer reserves the vehicle they want, you get the lead and the deposit.

The average car buyer does 18+ hours of online research. When they know what they want, make sure they can get it, by allowing them to reserve the vehicle right on your site.

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Option to reserve a vehicle from car dealership website
Woman ready to reserve a car online with credit card

AutoVerify Reserve Now Helps You:

01Transform the Transaction

Consumers are researching online, but only 11% are ready to purchase there. 89% still want to finalize their purchase in your dealership. Let them reserve online, even if they're not ready to buy there.

02Generate Leads

They found the vehicle they want on your site, so contact them ASAP for an appointment. Someone willing to put down a deposit on a vehicle is the highest-converting lead you can get. Don’t stand in their way.

03Give Them Comfort

Ease uncertainty with a tool that makes it clear its deposits are refundable at any point. Our tool makes the customer more likely to reserve because they feel comfortable knowing their money is safe and easily refunded.

04Make It Easy

They want to secure a vehicle on your lot, so let them. Accept reservations with all major credit cards, then schedule an appointment for them to view the car and close the deal.

05Provide Comprehensive Security

Data security is important. Our platform has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification in the payment industry.

06Easily Integrate

We work with your web provider to integrate Reserve Now with your website, so you don't have to!

Platform allowing consumers to make online deposit on a car

Easy to manage. Clean, simple, fast.

  • Allows customer to reserve vehicle
  • Instantly process deposits into your account
  • Create queue on reserved vehicles
  • Instantly process refund requests

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