More leads. Better leads. Even on mobile.

Consumers are online looking for their trade-in value. Give them the information they want from an unbiased third party they know and trust.

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Online tool providing free trade-in value estimates for consumers

AutoVerify Trade-in generates the highest number of leads, and 11% convert to sales

Girl smiling about happy with the trade-in value of her car

AutoVerify Trade-in Helps You:

01Satisfy Customers

Create a user-friendly experience with the info they want in the format they want it. No waiting, no follow-ups — just a simple, mobile-optimized value range delivered on command.

02Integrate Easily

Integrates seamlessly with your website and online listings. Maximize the value of your VDPs by loading them with info that solves uncertainty about the purchase process.

03Be Chosen

Differentiate yourself with transparent info that answers your customer's questions without trying to sell. Earn the lead with valuable information, then nurture it until they’re ready to buy.

04Trade-ins + Credit apps = win-win

A trade-in value tool is the highest lead-generating tool on your site. AutoVerify Trade-in lets you generate credit-qualified leads and credit applications from consumers looking for trade-in values.

05Start the Conversation

Provide a value range based on unbiased, third-party data they trust to get them through your door. Explain how much it costs to prep the car for resale.

06Build Your Inventory

Win more trades by providing trade- in values based on the sources they know and trust. Get them off their couch and onto your lot.

Report with free trade-in value estimate for consumers

Easy to manage. Clean, simple, fast.

  • Customized, downloadable report
  • Simple CRM integrations
  • No long forms to complete
  • Optimized for both desktop and mobile
  • After providing trade-in value, customers are guided toward a Credit lead — the highest converting lead source

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